Portraits of Wonderland

I have started a new series of oil paintings, Portraits of Wonderland, based, of course, on the characters found in the greatly imaginative world Lewis Carroll created in his book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In this series, I’m trying to capture each of the individual personalities of Carroll’s wonderful characters, giving each of them my own take on what they might look like and portraying them in each of their own surroundings as if they were taking a little time out from walking us through our adventure, and giving a bit of their time to pose for the artist to paint their portrait ;)

Like many others, I love the world we get to experience in Alice. It’s absolutely BONKERS, for sure, and a real treat for both the imagination and for the artist to work with. Seeing how many other artists have contributed their own time and talents in representing the story is testament to the story’s popularity; not to mention how many millions of copies of the book have been sold around the world. And, just like many others, I can appreciate how bonkers Alice really is!

I hope you will consider, and enjoy, coming along with me in this journey to find and meet each one of our friends in Wonderland as they make their way onto canvas! If you’d like to stay updated on the progress of the series and each of the paintings as they are created, I welcome you to please subscribe to my newsletter and updates below at the bottom of this page! And, if you are interested in owning any of these characters, I will be making each of the paintings available as reproduction Giclee prints. The originals are also going to be made available for purchase so please do get in touch if you are interested!

Below is the first painting I completed for the new series. This is a painting of The White Rabbit, which is 30” x 48”, Oils on Canvas - available for purchase…

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